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Hammontree’s Grillenium Falcon Getting National Attention

Fayetteville residents saw the debut of Hammontree’s Grillenium Falcon at the Block Street Block Party Sunday.  If you were willing to wait in the ever present line, you have gotten a taste.  The new food truck actually ran out of food because it was so popular. Now the Grillenium Falcon is getting some national pub for its Star Wars themed name.  Today we got an email from a senior editor at the online site for NBC’s Today Show wanting to use one of our pictures of the Falcon for their food blog,  We oblidged.  That got us to wondering, who else knows about the truck?  Well, there is a long list of blogs and newspapers talking about it, here are some links to their thoughts.  It’s a nice study of how stories hit the web and are regurgitated over and over:

The “geek” related blogs seem to love the intergalactic concept, but Fayetteville residents know that it is Hammontree’s delicious grilled cheese that make the truck worth visiting. I just hope word of all of this attention doesn’t make it to George Lucas’ hairy ears.

The painters misspelled "Grillenium" as "Grillieum" on the driver's side?

One Response to “Hammontree’s Grillenium Falcon Getting National Attention”

  1. DOH! But I’m hungry now.