Some hard working folks over at the City of Fayetteville’s Geographic Information System Department have put together an amazing map that tells you when nearly every building in Fayetteville was built.  It is interactive and color-coded.

I learned that the ol’ Gregg House on Lafayette and Gregg was built in 1871 (it didn’t tell me that the bricks in that house were made at the same time and place as the bricks in Old Main, but that’s true), the rotting Magnolia Co. Filling Station on Lafayette and West was built in 1930, and the building that houses George’s Majestic Lounge was built in 1935.  The map even features all of those newer houses west of I540.

See if you can find your historic home or McMansion.  There’s also an option to see the city’s National Historic Sites.  Here’s the link.

The GIS Dept. has some other interactive maps at their website, here.